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Buy Now

Did you find the perfect puppy?聽 Did one of our little fur-babies steal your heart?聽 You can put a down-payment on a puppy or pay in full via PayPal today (PLEASE ADD 3.5% TO TOTAL BEFORE SENDING PAYPAL, they charge us a fee).聽 That means, any of our available puppies can be bought right now!聽 All you need to do is fill out the form and upon submitting, you will be sent to PayPal to submit your payment! 馃檪


Buy Now

If you wish to purchase a puppy or put a down payment on the available puppy of your choice, please fill out the form below and submit payment via PayPal.
  • Prices are as described below:
    1. Puppy listed in our Nursery: $258.75 Minimum Deposit on Puppies 6 weeks or younger. This includes the 3.5% fee that PayPal charges us per transaction.
    2. Puppy deposit - undecided: $103.50 Minimum Deposit (Goes toward the deposit / final price of the puppy you choose. This also includes the 3.5% transaction fee that PayPal charges us).
    3. Available Puppy (7 weeks or older) or Available Adult - Please see the nursery or available adult page to get the listed price and then pay that amount plus the 3.5% paypal fee.

    **PLEASE NOTE.......Before submitting a deposit, all monies and deposits are non-refundable under any circumstance. You may transfer deposits to another puppy of your choice or wait for an future upcoming litter. This must be decided before the original puppy turns 8 weeks of age.**

  • Do you need shipping? Please choose the category that best fits your purchase.

    **Please note that shipping for a puppy (9lbs and under) is $300. This includes the crate, health certificate and veterinary exam.**

  • **Please list the name of the puppy you are purchasing and the amount of the deposit. Another invoice will be sent for the remainder amount if you have sent in the minimum deposit amount.**

    If you are putting a deposit down on a puppy that has not yet been born, please note that in your message.

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