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All Pups are sold on Limited AKC (which means spay/neuter agreement) unless prior arrangements are made.

Full AKC (ANY Breeding/Show Rights) is available to approved breeding homes but is a substantially higher price.  If you are purchasing a pup/dog to breed even if you do not “need” Full AKC because you are breeding “mixed” breeds or pups without papers, that is considered FULL AKC breeding rights and will be an additional fee, no exceptions!!

Please Note that IF you are a breeder who had a puppy on hold & backed out or have a deposit in with us and a puppy goes on SALE or is lowered in LIMITED AKC price that does not mean FULL AKC price is lower also.  The FULL AKC price will be much higher and is not discounted.






 Kisses_42912 005  Rock_011512 008

Kisses & Rock both have fantastic pedigrees with many tinies behind them. These babies will be deep dark color & have beautiful faces/coats.

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 Kisses_Kosmo_22215 004  Kisses_Kosmo_22215 007
 Kisses_Kosmo_22215 001  Kisses_Kosmo_22215 008

Date of Birth: February 17, 2015     Ready to go home: April 14, 2015

 TINY DARK Red Male – Available!

$2000 Limited AKC

Photo Updated: February 22, 2015

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 Kisses_Kitts_22215 005  Kisses_Kitts_22215 001
 Kisses_Kitts_22215 009  Kisses_Kitts_22215 006

Date of Birth: February 17, 2015   Ready to go home: April 14, 2015

Solid Red/Gold Male – Available!

$1500 Limited AKC

Photo Updated: February 22, 2015



 Dixie_22710 014 Pooh_022710 002

Dixie & Pooh are both small parents weighing 6 pounds. They have nice pedigrees with loads of color behind them including solid white & deep non fading red.



 Dixie_Dori_22215 008  Dixie_Dori_22215 001
 Dixie_Dori_22215 005  Dixie_Dori_22215 014

Date of Birth: February 18, 2015    Ready to go home: April 15, 2015

Beautiful Red & White Female (Dixie Look-A-Like) – Available!

$2000 Limited AKC

Photo Updated: February 22, 2015


**We encourage our puppy buyers to come visit our home to see where your puppy is raised.  All puppies and adult shih tzus are in my home and raised close at hand!  We require that you scrub up with disinfectant soap before handling our puppies due to the fact they are susceptible to airbornegerms & diseases!**

If you are serious about purchasing a puppy from one of our litters, we do require a minimum of $250 (non refundable) deposit (deposit price will depend on price of puppy) to hold the puppy of your choice.  The person who has deposited their money to the upcoming litters, has the first pick of a puppy after the breeder.  If you choose to put a deposit on an “upcoming” litter for first choice, I will honor that.  If there is not a pup born of your liking, that money will then go to the next litter of your choice!

Your puppy MUST be paid IN FULL at the time the pup is 7 weeks of age.  This will give me proper time to plan the vet appointment for the health certificate and plan for the flight (if applicable).

You and your puppy’s happiness are in my best interest, we are happy to have your business and hope to exceed all of your expectations!!  

We look forward to speaking with you or even personally meeting you and your family :)

The Robbins Family
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