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Upcoming Litters

Upcoming Litters

Breeder retains the right to first choice from each litter for personal breeding program.  PLEASE NOTE:  To be guaranteed a puppy from the waiting list of a certain breeding, a MINIMUM $100 non refundable deposit must be sent into the Robbins Nest and you MUST state which litter you are interested in. If no litter is preferred at time of deposit, then the deposit will be first come/first serve as I am contacted once the breeding is listed! Puppy must be picked out within 2 weeks of me posting the pictures and half down will be due, minus the deposit, within 3-5 business days after the puppy is chosen. If half of the deposit is not received within that time (with the agreement/contract form) then the puppy will go back up for adoption & offered to the next person on the waiting list.  Puppies MUST be paid in full at 7 weeks of age to give us time to prepare shipping arrangements, health certificates and etc.  If the full amount of the puppy is NOT paid within the 7 weeks the deposit is forfeited, contract terminated and the puppy will go up back up for adoption. Puppy buyers who are local and/or picking up at my home, can pay cash or money order at time of pick up after 8 wks of age.

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